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The Prime Minister of India is the leader of the executive branch of the Government of India. His position is distinct  from that of the President of India, who is the leader of the State. As India follows a parliamentary arrangement of government displayed after the Westminster system, the greater part of the official forces are practiced by the Prime Minister. He goes about as a consultant to the President and is the pioneer of the Council of Ministers. The President chooses the Prime Minister of India and on his recommendation, selects the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister can be an individual from either the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha. So know we will try to understand the roles of prime minister, salary of prime minister and the facilities provided.

Responsibilities of Prime Minister

Before discussing the salary of prime minister let us discuss some of the roles of prime minister that he is associated with.

Link between President and Council of Ministers:

The Prime Minister is the leader of the Council of Ministers and serves in as the channel of communication between the President and the Council of Ministers. It is his obligation to convey to the President all the choices taken by the Council of Ministers and to give data with respect to organization of the Union or recommendations for the lawmaking body as called for by the President.

Allocation of Portfolios:

He dispenses portfolios among the ministers and distributes work among different ministries and workplaces. The Prime Minister facilitates work among different services and offices through the Cabinet Secretariat.

Link between the Parliament and the Cabinet:

The Prime Minister is also the connection between the cabinet and the Parliament. He is the central representative of the administration in the Parliament, alongside the pioneer of the gathering in lion’s share in the Lok Sabha. It is his duty to report significant strategy choices. The Prime Minister can likewise intervene in debates of general significance in the Parliament to explain the administration’s stand or approach.

Salary of Prime Minister

According to Article 75 of the Constitution of India, the salary of the Prime Minister is decided by the Parliament and revised from time to time. The monthly pay and allowances of the Prime Minister of India is Rs. 1,66,000

Facilities offered to Prime Minister

Few of the facilities that are offered to Prime minister includes a official residence that is #7, Race Course Road or known as “Panchavati”. For travelling a Prime Ministerial car is also provided and currently it is BMW 750i. A Personal staff Special Protection Group (SPG) is also provided, who is responsible for his security. And an Exclusive aircraft is also included that is Air India one.

These are some of the facts like role, responsibilities, facilities offered and salary of prime minister. In case you have any doubts or suggestion that you want to convey to us then feel free to do so.

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