Importance of Democracy in India

India is the biggest and one of the most important democratic countries on earth and now it is old as sixty-two years where it has survived despite many countries have yielded to dictatorship and military rule. The success or failure of democracy means a lot for the future of democracy not only in India however in other countries as well. Indian Democracy is characterized by the peaceful co-existence of different ideas and ideals.  There are healthy co-operation and competition among exiting political parties in parliament. Below is the importance of democracy in India.

Popular Sovereignty

Democracy is based on sovereignty where people can exercise their power in a democracy where they can elect their representatives. So, the government remains responsible for the common mass for its every omission and commission.

Political Equality

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Democracy is based on political equality which means that all citizens irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race or sex which are considered to be equal before the law and enjoy equal political rights. Political Equality will give the right to vote to every citizen.


It is another feature of Indian Democracy where the article 1 of the Indian Constitution describes India as a union of states.  According to our Constitution, the states are autonomous where they have freedom in certain matters and in some other matter they are dependent on the centre.

Collective Responsibility

In Indian democracy, the council of ministers both in states and centre are collectively responsible to their respective legislatures. No minister can be alone responsible for any act of the government where the entire council of ministers will be responsible for all the activities.

Formation of opinion

A democratic government must provide institutions through which public opinion on various matters which can be formed. Legislature provides the most important platform to estimate and express public opinion. This step is the importance of democracy in India.

Government by Compromise

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Democracy is the government by adjustment and compromise where different opinions can be considered within the ruling party and outside of the party. There is a plurality of ideas to which the government has to take into consideration.

The above-mentioned methods are the crucial steps to know in Indian democracy. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the importance of democracy in India. Thanks for reading!

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